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January 12 2016


my biggest issue about the harry potter epilogue is that these people, these characters, were children in a war and they watched people die in front of them and die for them. they tried to kill; they tortured. some scars don’t fade - surely that’s the point of harry’s still being there, to remind us and the wizarding world of what he (and they all) went through

 you mean to tell me that these kids come out from that war fine? no trauma, no mental health issues like anxiety or ptsd. nothing to do with how they struggled to unlearn constant vigilance or if they still sleep with their wands under their pillows. if molly weasley still watches the clock when arthur is late home, jst in case. if harry doesn’t treat every headache as a sign that voldemort is somehow back. how harry worried about bringing up his children when he has not much of a concept of how to raise a child, other than what not to do? how george copes with the loss of fred, with seeing that ghost in the mirror? 

i wonder if draco can look at necklaces on pretty girls in the same way. if pansy parkinson was vilified in the press; they’re fickle, so she probably was. what happened to sirius’s old house? does harry still have hedwig’s empty cage? does ginny ever wake up from a dream and find herself stood by the sink in their bathroom, hissing to the taps? 

January 06 2016

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because at the end of the day i know i still have you

told you i’d draw these dorks again



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Have a random Spock.

…..a doodle got out of hand.

June 11 2015

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Winter Soldier shower 


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oh how times have changed

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”Most of the intelligence community doesn’t believe he exits. the ones that do call him the Winter Soldier.”

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R.I.P. Christopher Lee, who has passed away at the age of 93. 

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Where is the little guy from?… Actually.


as much as i love the trope of a character falling fast and hard for someone, i also love the subtle descent where they don’t really think about it; where that person is just kind of there until one day they realize that person is so ingrained in their lives and they cannot do without them. where there is no conscious effort on either ends to become romantically involved but somehow the thought of them being with someone else is disconcerting. where “i enjoy being with you” unwittingly turns into “i want to be with you”

I need more (pre) war stucky fics

poems i wrote for the signs

you light fires just to see how quickly you can put them out and / you are always three steps ahead of the person next to you and / sometimes you start fights just to see how long it takes for you to come out on top / but everyone can see that you’d never hold somebody’s heart / just for the opportunity to drop it

you do things that you shouldn’t do and / you kiss boys that you shouldn’t kiss and / your shameless flirting with self destruction won’t be ending anytime soon / (you let others love you to the point where you are too stubborn to love yourself)

you believe that soulmates are meant to be your other half but / you should also consider the possibility that maybe / soulmates are those who help you find the pieces you were looking for in others / in yourself  (patience — you will find yours soon)

there are rainstorms in your tear ducts and / butterflies in your stomach and / sometimes you feel like the earth might shatter beneath the gentle touch of your fingertips / but when you realize that nobody knows how to feel the way that you know how to feel / consider it a good thing

your hands are at your own throat because / you are too generous and you have been taken for granted one too many times / (stop tearing yourself apart just to keep others whole)

you wear more makeup than necessary when you go out and / you only wear black pants because they make your legs look smaller but / i want you to remember that you are a flower born in the midst of a drought and / plucking your own petals until there’s nothing left would be a huge disappointment

according to others, you’re supposed to be the balanced one / but right now you are struggling and can’t tell the difference between / a love letter and a suicide note / (this was hard to get off my chest) / (i really love you) / (i’m sorry, darling)

you’re telling him to kiss your neck when / you really want him to kiss your mind but / you’re so torn between being passionate and being psychological / that maybe you don’t know the difference

you get drunk off of cheap thrills and going eighty-five down backroads / but when it comes letting people close to you / you still need someone to hold your hand / (maybe you don’t trust yourself to trust others)

“i like holding your hands because they’re warm,” he tells you, but what happens when they’re not? / you want to peel back the layers of his skin until you see his lungs moving beneath his ribcage and / you want to know if he can hold his breath for as long as atlas held the earth / (maybe his lungs will hold your hands when he won’t want to)

you don’t wear sunscreen during an indian summer and / you’ll take shots of anything because / you want to show people you don’t have a care in the world / but it’s hard for anyone to see beyond your barricade of skeletons and repressed memories in the first place

you paint the ocean on your eyelids so when there are tears streaming down your face / it doesn’t feel like you’re crying and / you feel like a monster because nobody likes the taste of salt water / but what you’re forgetting is that salt helps heal wounds

June 10 2015


For a fun time, pay close attention to when characters who are close use “thou” vs. “you” in Shakespeare plays.

And by “fun time,” I mean “reason to become a wibbling puddle of feelings.”

#characters slipping from ‘you’ into ‘thou’ when they’re upset#characters deliberately going from ‘thou’ to 'you’ to indicate distance#basically any instance of 'thou’ at a dead person


cis people gotta understand theyre inherently transphobic, straight people gotta understand theyre inherently homophobic, white people gotta understand theyre inherently racist, etc. this doesnt mean u would intentionally hurt someone from minorities, it simply means u have racist/homophobic/transphobic/etc beliefs ingrained in u, which u may unintentionally hurt someone w. to avoid unintentionally contributing to these socitial structures of power, u have to recognise u are racist/transphobic/homophobic/etc and actively work to change that. 

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who the hell is bucky?

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Witness me! See you in Valhalla!

Nux (Mad Max Fury Road)

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deolali house / SPASM design architects

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